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Computer Science

A Level Computer Science

Exam Board : OCR     Specification

Assessment: External Examination, comprising of two exam papers the Computer Systems – Paper 1(40%) and Algorithms and Programming Paper 2(40%). In addition pupils must complete an NEA Programming Project (20%) to solve a problem chosen by the student in a high level programming language.

Course Content:

Year and Term

Algorithms and Programming (Paper 2)         



Theory Topics

Year 12

Autumn 1

Programming Techniques (GCSE Recap, GUI Skills using GUI Zero/Tkinter (Python) or VS 2019 in C#

Programming Techniques Recursion/Pass by ref and value

Autumn 2

OOP Programming (on-going)

Algorithms/Comp Methods

Spring 1

Read, trace and write code to implement algorithms

Algorithms/Data Structures

Spring 2

Read, trace and write code to implement data structures

Data Structures

Summer 1

Web Technologies (HTML/CSS/JS)

Thinking Concurrently, abstractly, logically etc

Summer 2

Programming Project (Analysis)

Complexity Big O Notation

Year and Term

Computer Systems (Paper 1) and Programming Project

Year 13

Autumn 1

Programming Project (Design) on-going OOP practice

1.1. The characteristics of contemporary processors, input, output and storage devices

Autumn 2

Programming Project (Development) and OOP

1.2. Software and software development

Spring 1

Programming Project (Development/Testing) and OOP

1.3. Exchanging data

Spring 2

Programming Project (Evaluation) and OOP

1.4. Data types, data structures and algorithms

Summer 1


1.5 Legal, moral, cultural and ethical issues

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