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All Hirers and members of participating activities are expected to abide by the terms and conditions of this policy.

Pupils – any pupils participating in these activities will abide by the terms set out by the ‘Hirer’.

Visitors – Visitors to the School who are not participating are expected to abide by the terms of this Policy.

Vehicles – Any vehicles brought on to the premises for these activities are the responsibility of the owner.


Chilwell School regards the buildings and grounds as a community asset and will make every reasonable effort to enable them to be used as much as possible. However, the overriding aim of the Governing Body is to support the school in providing the best possible education for its pupils, and any lettings of the premises to outside organisations will be considered with this in mind.

The school’s delegated budget (which is provided for the education of its pupils) will not be used to subsidise any lettings by community or commercial organisations. A charge will be levied to meet the additional costs incurred by the school in respect of any lettings of the premises. As a minimum, the actual cost to the school of any use of the premises by an outside organisation must be reimbursed to the school’s budget.


  1. The Business Manager and Finance office staff will be responsible for all matters concerning lettings. Facilities will only be let where they are not needed for school purposes.
  2. The aim of the Lettings policy is twofold: to generate income for the education of pupils; and to enable the provision of community facilities, which benefit pupils and their families.
  3. No facility will be let to any person or organisation for a purpose, which in the opinion of the Headteacher or Business Manager is inconsistent with the aims and values of the School.
  4. No letting will be subsidised from the resources provided for the education of the pupils. All hirers will be required to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Headteacher or Business Manager that they have adequate insurance to compensate the School for any damage they may cause.
  5. Requests for lettings must be notified to the School with details of
  • Hirer’s name;
  • Facilities required;
  • Activity for which letting is required;
  • Date(s), duration and frequency;
  • Evidence of adequate Public Liability Insurance (a photocopy of the policy).
  • Safeguarding Policy

Charges for Lettings

Chilwell School is responsible for setting charges for the letting of the school premises. A charge will be levied which covers the following:

  • Cost of services (heating and lighting)
  • Cost of staffing (additional security, caretaking and cleaning) – including “on-costs”
  • Cost of administration
  • Cost of “wear and tear”
  • Cost of use of school equipment (if applicable)
  • Profit element (if appropriate)

Where there are multiple lettings taking place at the same time, the costs for services and staffing will normally be shared between the organisations involved.

The specific charge levied will be reviewed annually, during the Autumn term, by the Business Manager for implementation from the beginning of the next financial year, with effect from 1 April of that year.

Current charges will be provided in advance of any letting being agreed.

Letting Fees for 2022-23

    Duration Cost Cost Cost
    Hours Mon-Fri Saturday Sunday
      £ £ £
Standard Classroom/ Conference Room   2 35 40 45
    3 40 45 50
    4 50 55 60
    Day rate 90 100 110
Large Classroom/ICT Room   2 40 45 50
    3 45 50 55
    4 55 60 65
    Day rate 100 110 120
Theatre   2 50 60 65
    3 55 65 70
    4 65 75 80
    Day rate 120 140 150


For the hire of the dining room add an additional £20 per letting.

When hiring the dining room facilities a servery is available for self catered drinks or snacks prepared off the premises.  Full catering facilities are available subject to a separate agreement with the DSO Catering Service.

The cost of extended or long term lettings is negotiable.  Technical advice and the hire of equipment are available at an additional cost and can be discussed before booking.

**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.