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School Uniform

Chilwell School has a clear uniform policy, all pupils are expected to follow it and take pride in their appearance.

We have worked hard to ensure that our uniform is of a high quality but also reasonably priced. The School Jacket and Tie are available from Morleys in Chilwell or TGR Embroidery in Attenborough, all other items can be purchased from a number of high street outlets and supermarkets.

Below are details of our Uniform Expectations, including items which are not acceptable. Please note that some items sold in high street shops (and online) that are advertised as ‘school wear’ may not comply with our uniform expectations. If you would like clarification before purchasing any item, please contact the school.


School Expectation

Unacceptable Items


Plain black jacket with the school logo

Plain black Jacket

Shirt and Tie

Plain white shirt with a collar

Buttoned to the neck

Long or short sleeved

School tie

Polo shirts


3/4 length sleeves

Pattered, coloured or shirts with logos, worn underneath the school shirt


Trousers/ Shorts


Plain black, stitched down full pleated school skirt

Appropriate length (not more than 3 inches above the knee)

Plain black school trousers

Regulation black school shorts at an appropriate length (not more than 3 inches above the knee) can be worn in the summer months

Straight leg or boot cut

A-Line, flared or pencil skirts

Part pleated skirt (only pleated at the front)

Patterned skirts

Tube/Stretch materialFashion trousers

Jean or denim material trousers

Tight fitting trousers, Leggings or jeggings

Trousers with stitched on pockets

Cropped or ¾ length trousers

Embellishment or adornments

Tracksuit bottoms, including when worn underneath school trousers

Jumper/ Cardigan


Black fine knit V necked jumper / cardigan (with ribbed neck and cuffs)

These are available with a school logo. 

Plain or patterned jumper of any other colour

Plain or patterned cardigan of any other colour

Sweatshirt or hoodie


further information

Sensible Shoes

Flat/Low heeled

Plain Black

Leather (or Faux Leather) Uppers

Plain Black Soles

Smart and Clean

Must be Polishable

No coloured logos, sections, stripes, patterns or stitching

No suede, fabric, rubber or plastic – including toe caps

No coloured sections or air bubbles

Socks / Tights

Plain black or natural tights

Plain black ankle socks

Footless tights

Patterned tights or socks

Coloured tights or socks



One small stud earring in each ear

One small plain ring on each hand



Hooped or large earrings

Facial or body piercings


Plain dark coloured coat

Fluorescent arm bands may be worn

Denim Jackets

Leather/suede Jackets

Fur Coats




Plain black or white head scarf

Patterned head scarves

Embellished head scarves


Hairstyles and hair accessories should not draw attention to an individual

Shaved patterns or hair shorter than grade 2

Unatural colours; multiple colours

Brightly coloured bows, ribbons, beads

Students must be clean shaven.

PE Kit


Boys PE Kit

Girls PE Kit


New School PE Top

Navy Blue Shorts

White Trainers

Football Boots

Shin Pads

Navy Blue Football Socks

Gum Shield

New School PE Top

Navy Blue Shorts

White Trainers

Football Boots

Shin Pads

Navy Blue Football Socks

Gum Shield


School PE Hoodie with logo

Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms

School PE Hoodie with logo

Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms (not leggings)

Trainers may only be worn during PE lessons; they cannot be worn at any other time in school.  It is recommended that no student wears any jewellery on any day when PE is on their timetable. This should prevent PE staff spending time on security of jewellery when their main concern is student supervision and safety.


Advisory: We advise students to wear a gum shield when playing rugby and shin pads when participating in football.

Suppliers of items with logo or school ties


116-118 Bramcote Ave

TGR Embroidery

145 Attenborough Ln

All other items can be purchased from a range of high-street stores or supermarkets as long as they comply with our uniform expectations.

N.B. (1) We recognise that for religious reasons some students may need to dress in accordance with the wishes of their faith.  The school will seek to respond to these wishes sympathetically providing that education, smartness, health and safety are not compromised.

We regard non-compliance with uniform as a breach of school rules and there are a range of consequences which can be issued as appropriate:

  • confiscation of banned item(s) for collection by student/parent/carer as deemed appropriate

  • having to remove excessive make-up using wipes and make-up remover.

  • removal of excessive or new piercings

  • not being allowed to take part in extra-curricular activities or events

  • being provided with appropriate uniform i.e. dressed incorrectly

  • having to go home to get changed or clothes to be brought in by parent/carer

  • withdrawal from lessons

  • detention

  • exclusion, as a last resort for persistent offenders who refuse to comply.


**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.