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Social Science

Our vision…

There is one species in all our planet’s history that has had far more impact on its trajectory than any other, and that is us.

In order to be able to forecast where humans might be heading, and taking the rest of the world with it, an understanding of the role of social science is a must.


Social science offers an insight into society and the relationships between individuals within that society. At Chilwell school it encompasses sociology, psychology and health and social care. The social science team at Chilwell school are experienced, professional and dedicated.

We aim for all students to be self-motivated and resilient learners. We want them to have the confidence to seek challenges, so that they can develop the skills necessary to be successful life-long learners. We endeavour to promote enquiring minds within our lessons, so that students have an appreciation for current research but are also able to discuss the implications of findings and critique the research process. We are committed to provide creative and stimulating lessons, which engage students with real-world issues in order to develop their understanding of the social sciences and so that they can see the relevance of the topics studied and how these relate to possible career paths. Finally, we aim to develop student empathy and raise awareness of mental health and other issues facing people within society so that they can become active and reflective citizens in a changing world.

Subject Areas

  • Sociology
  • Health and Social Care


Health and Social Care 


**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.