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*KS4 options 2022

The options booklet for year nine students starting GCSE courses in September 2022 is below.


(including questions from information evening on Monday 7th February)

Where is the statutory requirement for RE in the timetable? 

The national curriculum states the legal requirement that:
Every state-funded school must offer a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based, and which:

  • promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils; and
  • prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

We are confident that our school curriculum meets these legal requirements through RE inclusion in subject delivery, our PSHCE tutor programme and Discovery Days at key stage four. RE itself is an option but is not included on the list of EBacc subjects.

Is it a first come first served with option allocation?

Priority will be given to students who submit the Options form by the deadline of Friday 25th February 2022, these forms will all be processed at the same time and considered equally. We will then deal with forms submitted after the deadline.

What is meant by"guided choice?"

One of the options must be picked from geography, history, French, German or computer science - this is the guided choice. The other options can be selected from the full list of subjects.

Are you guaranteed to get your ‘guided choice’ option?
Not guaranteed but students are normally allocated their guided choice subject.

Is Music one of the free choice options?


Have the students been given the options booklet yet? My daughter doesn't think she's had one.

The Options Booklet was sent to all parents on WeDuc and is also available below. We will send it out again on WeDuc before the options form goes live.

If a subject is oversubscribed and you discuss alternatives with a child, will you notify parents before a decision is made?

Yes, if there are any issues with a student’s option choices, we will discuss alternatives with the student and parents.

When will the options form be available on WeDuc?

The Options form will be available in the Hub section of WeDuc from 9am on Friday 11th February 2022. The deadline for submitting the form is Friday 25th February 2022, at which point the form will be closed.

Is there any way to only put 3 options?

No, all students need to select a guided choice option, a priority option and then two subjects in the ‘either/or’ option. Student will only be allocated one of their ‘either/or’ options.

Out of the ‘either/or’ choice, will the ‘either’ choice be given higher priority?

No – both subjects will be treated equally.

Additional Languages

A number of additional languages can be taken by students such as Chinese, Russian, Italian, Urdu, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Persian and Gujarate.

These exams have a listening, written and spoken assessment. As the spoken element requires a native/fluent speaker to administer the speaking exam, it is not always possible to facilitate all the languages listed above.

As these exams are taken by students for whom this is their ‘home’ language, we do not schedule timetabled lessons as not part of the curriculum. We will ensure that students are familiar with the assessment format, submit exam entries and facilitate the examinations.

Students generally take additional language exams at the end of Year 10. We will offer students the opportunity to be entered for additional language exams and write to parents to explain the process.

If the child is chosen to do double science instead of triple science, does it mean that the child will have more option subjects to do?

No – The curriculum time for science if the same for both science pathways and the final pathway (triple or double) is not confirmed until year 11.

Will the GCSE curriculum start before Sept ?

In many subjects, such as maths and science, we have a five year curriculum which progresses from year seven to year eleven, with no distinct start to the GCSE course. In other subjects, such as history or art, pupils are already developing the skills and understanding that they will use in the GCSE courses. All new courses, such as sociology or health and social care will start in September.

When will we know the outcome of their choices ?

We will confirm option subjects in the summer term.

Is 3d design wood work?

3D Design does involve some practical elements of design technology, which may include working with materials such as wood, metal, plastic etc. 3D Design also involves learning about design processes and manufacturing.