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Final fever for The Swans!

“ They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I wasn’t on that particular job.” - Brian Clough. 

It was a wet and muggy day in Sutton-in-Ashfield that laid witness to a Semi-Final stunner between Chilwell and Quarrydale. Mr Lodge and Mr Bird were looking to build on the fantastic work that Mr Holmes had done in preparing these Year 9 lads to cease their moment.

The game started off as a stalemate, with the highlight of the first 10 minutes being Mr Lodge’s woolly hat. However, as Quarrydale were growing into the game, Chilwell landed a devastating counterpunch. 

Olli L echoed the shouts from Mr Lodge of “run at him” and drove down the right flank like a prime Gareth Bale, beating his man and squaring it to Alfie W, who fired into the bottom corner. 1-0 Chilwell. 

The game was open and flowing back and forth with goalkeeper Jacob ‘The Cat’ B making crucial saves to keep Chilwell ahead. 

But with five minutes left of the half, some sloppy play in midfield by Chilwell gave Quarrydale a shooting opportunity - the shot squeezed under Jacob and Mr Bird’s half time team talk was ruined. 1-1. 

After a roaring halftime rally, skipper Isaac M led his warriors back into battle, they had 35 minutes to make history. 

But just as Chilwell’s momentum was building, a messy defensive mix-up led to a Quarrydale penalty, which they dispatched. 2-1. 

Chilwell were up against it with just seven minutes left on the clock, but giving up was not the Chilwell way. 

Super-sub Omar gave The Swans some much needed energy and reinvigorated the midfield. 

Defensive midfielder Will G was inspired, hoovering up any loose balls and keeping the Chilwell defence protected. He was drawing comparisons to Manchester City player Rodri and for the older audience Frank Rijkaard. 

The Chilwell pressure was mounting and Angus ‘The Wizard’ T capitalised on a loose Quarrydale ball, rounding the goalkeeper and putting it on a plate for Alfie, who was never going to miss. 2-2. 

Mr Lodge’s heart rate had calmed - but the thought of extra time and penalties quickly sent it sky high. But just like Bonnie Tyler, Chilwell was ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ and upstepped star man Olli L. 

Olli crashed down the left flank and sent a searching ball into the box, which caught the keeper out and flew into the bottom right corner. 

He later said on the bus back… “Of course it wasn’t a cross, I meant it!”.  3-2 Chilwell. 

Jacob yet again kept Chilwell alive in the dying embers - saving from point blank range leading to a huge roar and the final whistle. 

Mr Holmes’ legacy is still intact and the Year 9 County Cup trophy is in touching distance. 

Mr Bird’s Player of the Match: Will G

Mr Lodge’s Player of the Match: Omar A

  1. Jacob B - Save after save and swept up any balls behind the defensive line, a complete performance from the YR 8 stopper. 

  2. Jack GC - Stalwart at right back and has a slingshot throw-in that was vital for the second goal. 

  3. Isaac M - Captain. Leader. Legend. His voice and ability to rally the troops was instrumental in the comeback win. 

  4. Leo L - Like a rabbit out of his cage, Leo was ferocious, knocking attackers about left and right being dominant. Cheers Leo. 

  5. Levi-Francis S - Composed and made some key tackles stopping counter attacks, a good old fashioned full back. 

  6. William G - The heartbeat of the team, the Chilwell wall. “He’s here, he’s there, he is everywhere, Will G! Will G!”. 

  7. Evan S - The engine room, Evan ran himself into the ground. 71% of the Earth is covered in water, the rest is by Evan S. 

  8. Olli L - The enforcer and the match winner. The lad can play and has blistering pace, nightmare fuel for any defender. 

  9. Alfie W - There are 3 certainties in life… Death, taxes and Alfie W scoring, he plays like he has magnets in his boots.

  10. Angus T - The Wizard, can ping a pass from Nottingham to Derby. Makes the game look easy and also has zero negative behaviour points, which is always impressive.

  11. Olly S - Chases after every loose ball and when he turns on the afterburners, no one is catching Mr S. 

  12. Omar A - I have run out of superlatives for this lad. The perfect super-sub brings an element of calmness that no one else can. 

  13. Zach R - The Duracell bunny, straight off the bench giving 110%, a nightmare for tiring defenders. 

  14. Alex M - Whilst Alex did not get on the pitch, the passion he shows for the team is unrivalled and what he has done for the team in this cup run can’t be disputed. 

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