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Year Eleven Prom

The extension of lockdown procedures has had an impact on many events, but we are pleased that our early planning means that the year eleven prom will be going ahead.

We made the decision some months ago to change the venue to the school and we are very pleased that we did. The current restrictions means that events need to continue in bubbles and as our year eleven are one bubble and the event is planned for outside, year eleven students can continue to look forward to a celebration of their years at Chilwell school.

We have reviewed our planning for the prom and all of the following will be in place so that the event can go ahead.

  • Event is outdoors and on the school site- additional gazebos if wet weather
  • All attending are part of one established year group bubble
  • Students to take lateral flow test 24 hours before the event and input results into google form that will be sent out to student and parents emails + weduc.
  • Masks to be worn when inside marquees and going to toilets. Spare masks will be available but we encourage students to bring one with them. 
  • Asking students to maintain social distancing and all staff will be undertaking social distancing of 2m
  • Numerous staff on site all night to supervise students and ensure they are following procedures. 
  • Food given out individually as part of BBQ services. Cakes and drinks in separate boxes/cans. 
  • Students' hands will be sanitized on arrival and there will be hand sanitizer stationed around the prom site. 
  • Parents are to collect students at 10pm to ensure they return home safely. 
  • Full risk assessment with COVID safety procedures included.

We look forward to the prom and an enjoyable way to mark the end of this important stage in our students' education. 

**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.