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Home testing

Please find attached the presentation to parents on home testing that was shared on Monday 15th March.

In addition, there were a number of questions at the presentation. Please find these and our answers below:

We have not received a home testing kit.

Testing kits have been issued to all students who have done three tests in school. Any students where we have consent and who have missed their test are being tested this week. They will then receive their home test kits

When would you like us to start? What days would we be wanting the test on? Do we start testing from Thursday morning as we have missed Monday?

We are suggesting Monday and Thursday, but if this is not convenient, please ensure the tests are done twice a week and spread evenly across the week.

Do you need the children to do two tests this week?

The twice weekly home testing needs to start as soon as the three tests in school have been completed.

I've heard some conflicting guidance can you please clarify what happens if we have a positive LFD result followed by a negative PCR test? Are you allowing the children to return to school?

A positive LFT test should be followed up by a PCR test. If negative the student can return to school. If positive, the student and close contacts need to self-isolate.

When do you want the tests done this week?  I only have one child with a test today.  The other will come tomorrow?

The twice weekly home testing needs to start as soon as the three tests in school have been completed.

Did you say to use the instructions around the test?

Yes. The ones attached to the tests by an elastic band are the correct instructions. Dispose of the instructions that are found INSIDE the box.

If we do the first test this evening is the WeDuc reporting form ready to use?

Yes. Please record that the test has been done and the result. If the test is positive please also contact the school immediately. Do not rely on the google form as a means of communication.

**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.