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GCSE results - information for year eleven students and their parents (updated 19th August)

Update 19th August

I am pleased to say that we have received the final grade for all students. This means that students will receive a single grade for each of their subjects in their results pack on Thursday 20th August.

What grades will I receive on Thursday?

Students have been awarded a single grade for their subject. This has been received from the examination boards and been checked by the school that we agree with the grade.

What is the “centre assessed grade”

Schools and colleges used their professional experience to make a fair and objective judgement of the grade we believed a student would have achieved had they sat their exams this year. Schools and colleges took into account the full range of available evidence when they graded students - including non-exam assessment; the results of any homework assignments or mock exams; and any other existing records of student performance over the course of study. As headteacher, I confirmed these grades. The principle on which this decision was made was on the basis of honesty and integrity. I was confident that we were not submitting grades that were either too harsh nor inflated. There is some discussion in the media that centre assessed grades have been inflated. Whilst I want our children to do well, we have not inflated any grades at all.

Will I be pleased with my grades?

Every year, students across the year group experience a range of emotions, that they are really pleased with the outcomes, or feel that they could have done better. It is a significant responsibility, but I have not submitted these grades in order to please students, staff or parents. I have submitted them as I believe they are an honest and accurate picture of attainment. As a result, I fully expect that on Thursday, some students to be delighted and some to be disappointed. This is not the responsibility of any teacher or subject team. We undertook a series of reviews of grades and undertook our own moderation in order to submit grades that were as accurate as we could be. I take full responsibility for the centre assessed grades.

David Phillips

19th August 10:30

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