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29th May - face to face teaching plans

We are in the process of planning a return to school for our year ten and twelve students in the week commencing 15th June.

The latest government guidance was released on Monday and over the last week we have met as faculty leaders, year leaders and slt and have a draft plan for developing our provision, including on site teaching.

We plan for there to be a provision on site for year ten and twelve students, with students attending as part of a reduced cohort and only being on site for a limited part of the week.

We will continue with our provision for vulnerable students and the children of key workers.

Over the next week we will hold meetings next week with union representatives, the local authority, our chair of governors and the following week with the full governing body.

In the lead up to that time there is a lot of information to communicate and at present, I plan to ensure that staff, the local authority, parents and unions have our risk assessment in the first part of next week, that we can confirm with parents of the year groups above their plans for school attendance and that individual timetables can then be finalised so that all students and parents are clear of what we will be providing and what we expect from students.

There will be more detail issued next week, but the following are the central aspects of our plans:

  • Year ten students will receive two full days on site every fortnight; one day each fortnight of core lessons (English, mathematics and science) and also one day of their option subjects each fortnight. Year twelve students will continue with their curriculum with lessons timetabled across the fortnight.
  • Y10 students will have a full day in school. Y12 students will be on site when timetabled.
  • The day structure will not be as normal. There will be longer lessons and less movement around site.
  • We plan for potentially shorter break and short lunch, with an earlier finish.
  • We hope to offer all subjects, bearing in mind that some of our staff are isolating. As a result, students will generally be with their class teacher in their option subjects but not always.
  • We will have clear expectations for social distancing. Students failing to comply with our expectations will continue with online provision rather than face to face learning.
  • We are planning for classes of no more than 10 students.
  • Students need to bring their own lunch and water bottles. School will provide learning equipment.
  • Parents need to consider transport arrangements. Students should be avoiding public transport and should maintain social distancing in their journey to and from school.

We will provide more detail and specific information regarding individual timetables and the day of attendance over the next few weeks.

Our plans are based upon arrangements that we believe will offer support to students before the end of this term. We will be consulting on these arrangements next week and will update you if there are any changes.

**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.