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Coronavirus - 17th March 2020

As the situation develops across the country, so does our provision and response. We have a significant number of our community self-isolating but for those students who are in school, we are continuing to learn and in the case of year eleven and thirteen, towards examinations in the summer.

Please check WeDuc

We became aware of inaccurate information about messages from the school published on social media this morning. Can I urge parents to ensure that they check all news that comes from the school and not anything that is reported second or third hand. We are determined to continue to make sure that we send home clear messages about provision and so please ensure you are signed up to WeDuc and check emails for any updates.

On-line resources for learning at home

I have mentioned the on line resources in earlier messages home. With increased numbers of students self-isolating, our message is simple – if students are unable to attend school, they should use the current on line resources of samlearning, Seneca, mymaths, mathswatch and linguascope. We will be launching our online portal on Friday 20th March and will ensure all parents and students have the link to access Chilwell school resources and learning. This will mean that students can continue to learn from home.

Reporting absence

The recently published absence form on WeDuc has been completed and I thank parents for using that. It is really helping to ensure that we stay in control of information about absences.

Support for students on free school meals

We now have in place a way of supporting families who are entitled to free school meals. For any child who is self-isolating and is entitled to free school meals, we will be sending home a voucher for Tesco that will ensure that families can receive help with grocery shopping. This process has started today.

Site opening hours

In terms of ensuring that we can manage staffing resources, we have also made the decision to close the site at 4pm each day. You will already be aware that we have postponed upcoming parents’ evenings, but please be aware that we will be asking all staff to be off site by 4pm. This means that intervention sessions with year eleven will finish promptly at 4pm.


I have now spoken to both year eleven and sixth form students in terms of examinations. We have to wait for the national decision making process to happen and await further instruction. I fully appreciate how frustrating this is but the message is again simple; keep revising and preparing.

Finally, I have been asked to remind any twitter followers to sign up to updates from the school on twitter and also for parents of year eleven to follow @ChilwellEnglish. Ms Davies & the team share notices & useful revision regularly in the run up to exams!

**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.