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Guidance and FAQs

Please see the "Starting at Chilwell" document at the bottom of the page for guidance. We also have addressed the questions asked as part of the transition process.




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Transition questions

If students need additional help from teachers in subjects how and when does this happen?

The school has a range of support structures to assist students with their learning. As well as the main class teaching, we have a learning support department, teaching assistants and mentors to support students.

What are the timetable plans for year seven in September?

Our day pattern is made up of six lessons timetabled in three double blocks. Breaks and lunch occur in the middle of the first and second blocks, leading to students having a fifty minute lesson followed by a break and a return to the same lesson for another fifty minutes.

Are there plans to have year seven in on their own at some point before they start back before the other students start?

We plan for year seven students to start the autumn terms on site before other year groups. This will allow them to be able to explore the site and have a full introduction to the school, supported by a large team of staff.

Has any consideration been given to school buses?

The school has school transport available and eligible students will eb able to obtain travel cards via the local authority.

How will students/parents find more information about their form tutor?

Mr Hobbs has a number of activities planned to allow students to be able to find out more about the school, their year group, and other students in their tutor group.

What support is in place for EAL students, and how is this accessed?

EAL and language support is provided through individual and small group language support. NCC recommends the following translation service:

How can we join the weekly assembly videos of Mr Hobbs?

These are available here, in the transition section of the school website.

What are Primary schools R4S pack activities?

These are activities that are available via the primary school to assist students with the process of transition. There are a number of activities that help prepare the students for secondary school education.

Where can I find more information about the Chilwell school system? Will there be a class teacher? What is the timetable for Y6? What subjects will be taught?

Information on the curriculum can be found here on the website.