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Transition from year six

I am pleased to say that we are able to implement a modified transitional programme for our new year seven pupils.  There are some changes, expectedly, but what remains the same is the enthusiasm and dedication of staff to ensure that your child is welcomed to Chilwell School. We will be here with a smile and warmth as they take their first steps on their learning journey with us.

This is a section will be set up dedicated to transition - including a video tour of the school and regular assemblies. There will also be updated information about the processes and ways we are responding to government directives on the COVID 19 situation, along with other information we think you and your child will find useful.

Over the last year the current year sevens have been involved in many wonderful opportunities; discovery days, sporting competitions, working with our year eleven prefects, alongside a comprehensive PSHCE programme – all of which we hope to replicate. During our registration period, tutors have welcomed their tutees with humour, positivity and caring approach which has accompanied the successful management of our high expectations.   

So far there has been contact with your child’s primary school in order to collect information and provide our open evening information for our new year seven cohort for September 2021; further meetings are planned so that we can holistically consider the needs of your child, socially and academically.

We are also very aware that you may have questions, and we are keen to answer these where possible. Our open evening on 24th September will involve key members of staff who will explain the existing provision for your child and take questions.

In the summer term 2020, we hosted an online session for our 2020 cohort and you may find the questions and answers useful. Please see the guidance and FAQs section,

I look forward to seeing you on the 24th of September. In the meantime, I hope you are keeping safe and feeling confident about your choosing Chilwell School for your child's eductaion next September.

Dedicated inbox for our prospective parents.  If you have any queries related to your child's transition or the zoom meetings please email us at: 

Please feel free to share this email address with any other prospective parents who you feel may have missed our communications.