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1st July 2022

This week we are launching our enhancement programme for 2022-23. In a week where we learnt that we had won the Literature, Poetry and Song Competition run by the University of Nottingham, it is great to be able to celebrate the opportunities that Chilwell students have in experiencing a wide curriculum.

We learnt on Wednesday that three of our students had reached the final in the French competition and congratulations to Murano Mizse and Esther Turner for their success. Overall congratulations to Tiana Ilic, who was the overall winner for year ten. Fantastic news!


We are keen to extend the opportunities of students to develop their learning and this is at the heart of our offer for 2022-23. We will be running a range of enhancement activities for existing and new students and the opportunity to sign up for these activities can be found on our new Cygnus page.

Cygnus is the Greek word for swan, the symbol of Chilwell school. For those who have just learnt something new, that is what Cygnus is all about, the opportunity to enhance learning over and above the usual!

Have a look at what we have on offer as 2022-23 will be a year of celebration - the 50th anniversary of Chilwell school, the growth and success within the school and the investment in new facilities and opportunities for our young people.

Year eleven prom

Wednesday night was prom night for year eleven. What a fantastic group of young people they have been. It was a lovely evening, with a lot of laughter. It was a packed night with good food, good friends and good memories. Photographs will be available soon!

School security

Please be aware that we have recently had posts installed on the driveway into school. This is an additional security measure to ensure that the site remains secure at night. The posts will be in place overnight but allow free access during the day.

**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.