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Recent Letters

All recent letters from Chilwell school

2nd September 2019 - Welcome to a new term

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Welcome to a new term at Chilwell school! We look forward to meeting year seven and sixth form students on Tuesday 3rd September with the whole school returning on Wednesday 4th September
We have met together as a staff today, focussing on our two major priorities for the year; ensuring that we continue to build an excellent curriculum for students and ensuring all students respond to our challenges with commitment and enthusiasm.

We have been very pleased with the results this summer, and our news items on the website showed the number of happy faces from students moving on to sixth form and also on to university and higher education opportunities. Our GCSE results brought more success to even more students and I would like to thank the hard work of our students and also thank our staff for their commitment over the five or seven years of education.

We are joined this year by the following new members of staff:

Laurel Robinson - Teacher of mathematics
Lisa Harling - Learning support assistant
Chloe Mellors - Learning support assistant
Sophie Clarke - Teacher of science 
Jacqueline Gislon - Midday Supervisor
Mandy Barratt - Midday Supervisor

We made a number of enhancements to our provision last year and this means that we have strong systems to support the transition of students into the school and between one year and the next. We are committed to providing the best opportunities for students and will continue to develop these through this academic year.

Please can I draw your attention to some important aspects of school life to ensure that the term starts smoothly

Thank you to parents and carers for ensuring that students start the school year smart and well prepared. We have invested in a stock of spare blazers and shoes which are available in emergencies. We are committed to keeping the cost of our uniform down, but also have very clear guidelines with examples that are available on our website. Please continue to keep these to hand when going to buy any replacements as your children grow.

Mobile phones
These are not to be used or seen in school between 8.30am and 4.30pm. If mobile phones are seen, they will be looked after at school until collected by a parent. Please ensure that students keep their phones safe and in their bags, out of sight.

Finally, please make a note of the following events that are in our calendar for the year. All information about the school can be found on the website.

David Phillips

Forthcoming Events

Tuesday 3rd Sept Autumn term starts for years seven, twelve and thirteen
Wednesday 4th Sept Autumn term starts for years eight, nine, ten and eleven
Wednesday 11th Sept Welcome to year twelve event for parents
Thursday 12th Sept Welcome to year ten event for parents
Thursday 26th Sept Open evening for year seven intake 2020 and 2021
Thursday 3rd Oct Sixth form open evening for intake 2020
Monday 7th Oct Awards evening
Thursday 10th Oct Year seven tutor evening
Thursday 17th Oct Year twelve and thirteen parents’ evening
Monday 21st Oct to Friday 1st Nov Mid-term fortnight break
Thursday 14th Nov Year ten parents’ evening
Thursday 28th Nov Year nine parents’ evening
Monday 9th Dec Year eleven mock exams start
Thursday 19th Dec Last day of autumn term


8th July 2019 - Keeping our children safe

8th July 2019


Dear Parents and guardians,

I have updated you a number of times this year via the school website and WeDuc on our commitment to providing the best environment for learning for our students. Whilst we are committed to providing the best, we are also aware of the number of pressures that exist in children’s lives that can have an impact on their well-being.

I wrote to you last week regarding social media use. We are also committed to ensuring that the school environment is a place that is, as far as possible, a place where students can feel safe and protected from a number of negative influences that are in the wider community.

One of those negative influences is the availability of drugs in the local and wider area. There is a national concern about the availability of drugs and we are clear that a school is no place for these. We are aware that our young people mix with students from a range of institutions and that through our safeguarding information and work with the police, that there are individuals in the area who are being monitored.

Whilst we are confident that students are safe in school, we also feel it is important to make very explicit that our school shall remain drug free. As a result, we have worked with the police and they will be bringing a sniffer dog into school. The dog is specially trained and will be under constant supervision throughout a visit. We undertake this and publicise this so that we can make it clear that we will continue to keep Chilwell students safe.

We, like most schools, communicate with parents the importance of a child’s safety in school. However, we believe it is by our actions that we demonstrate our commitment. Whilst we may not be able to remove the availability in the wider community, we are proud to make our expectations explicit to all of our parents, students and the general public.

I hope that our example leads to other organisations making the same explicit commitment to keep our children safe.




David Phillips

Head teacher

July 2019 - end of term letter

5th July 2019

Dear parents and guardians,

As we approach the end of this academic year, I wanted to draw your attention to a number of areas where we thank you for your continued support so that we can provide the best educational experience for your children.

Teaching and learning

This is our core business and quite rightly will remain our focus next year. We have already spent some time planning to enhance the learning that students undertake and this will be mainly in the area of ensuring that students have a curriculum full of new knowledge and skills which we will test regularly to ensure that it is embedded in the students long term memory. No-one likes to struggle with the basics and we will be ensuring that all students have regular opportunities to have the basic knowledge and skills reinforced in each subject and then build on this foundation with new and challenging learning. Whether this is language vocabulary, core numeracy or checking on knowledge retention from previous years, students will be expected to build and to hold on to knowledge. This will mean more of a focus on whole class feedback and regular low stakes testing to help students be more confident in their learning.

We are fully staffed for September and our timetable is ready. Schools across the country are facing staffing recruitment issues, but I am pleased to say that where some of our staff are moving to new opportunities, we have been able to recruit strong replacements to fill their role.


Calendar 2019-20

We are committed to strong communication and so our calendar of events for next year will shortly be available on our website. However, there are some key dates for the autumn term that I wanted to draw your attention to below:

Tuesday 3rd September                 Autumn term starts for years seven, twelve and thirteen

Wednesday 4th September          Autumn term starts for years eight, nine, ten and eleven

Wednesday 11th September        Welcome to year twelve event for parents

Thursday 12th September             Welcome to year ten event for parents

Thursday 26th September             Open evening for year seven intake 2020

Thursday 3rd October                      Sixth form open evening for intake 2020

Monday 7th October                       Awards evening

Thursday 10th October                   Year seven tutor evening

Thursday 17th October                   Year twelve and thirteen parents’ evening

Monday 21st October to Friday 1st November – mid term fortnight break

Thursday 14th November              Year ten parents’ evening

Thursday 28th November              Year nine parents’ evening

Monday 9th December                   Year eleven mock exams start

Thursday 19th December              Last day of autumn term

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and modern technology are a fact of modern life. It is also an unfortunate truth that social media and the use of it can have a significantly detrimental effect on students, their well being and mental health. It is unfortunate that a good proportion of our time at school is spent picking up the issues that have developed out of school through social media conversations, rumour, gossip or bullying. Parents are in the position of guiding students in terms of their access to social media. As a school, we believe that social media is not relevant to our curriculum, our learning or to our academic focus. We believe that school should be a place of learning, without the distractions and pressures of notifications, alerts, social media and other communications. It is much better for students to develop the art of real life conversation, eye contact and spoken interaction. Schools across the country are all recognising that phone use during the day does not help students. Most of our students already recognise this too. We know that parents may wish students to have the means to make contact with you on the way to or from school, but the use of phones has to stop at the school gate.

Please support us in making sure that students know our expectations and follow them.


We have therefore amended our procedures relating to mobile phones.


  • Mobile phones must not be used on the school site during the school day (8.15am to 4.00pm)
  • Pupils who are found to be using their mobile phone during this time will have their mobile phone confiscated.
  • Confiscated mobile phones must be collected from school at the end of the school day by a parent/carer.


Uniform - School shoes

We continue to look at all our procedures to ensure they are as simple as possible for the benefit of parents and students. One of the issues we have all faced this year is ensuring that students are in suitable shoes for school. We are aware that there is a wide range of choice and we thank parents for contacting us if there has been any uncertainty. However, we want expectations to be simple and so have amended the policy so that there are only four expectations of footwear. None of us as staff or parents want to spend time discussing shoes when the most important issue is a child’s education.

Shoes must :

  • be all black – no coloured sections, patterns, stitching or logos etc.
  • have fully leather (or faux leather) uppers– no suede, fabric sections or rubber toe caps 
  • have plain black soles – no coloured sections or air bubbles
  • be clean, smart and polishable. 

If shoes meet the above criteria, then parents can be confident in making the right purchase before September and beyond. I am sure that students will sometimes wish to challenge expectations but please do not find yourself spending money on shoes which you know do not meet the above criteria.


Finally, a reminder that the final day of this term is 19th July. It is a non-uniform day and will finish at 12.00pm.

Thank you for all the support that you have shown the school. We look forward to next year.



David Phillips

Head teacher

15.02.19 Letter from the headteacher

15th February 2019


Dear Parents,


With the half-term break about to start, I wanted to inform you of further developments at school and our plans for the next few months.

In the last week we have held training sessions with our new group of ambassadors for the OWEN project, ensuring that the message about safety around water is promoted both within our own school and further afield. We are also pleased that we have been asked to design the throwline containers which will be placed in establishments along the Trent so that they are available to be used in an emergency.

We have made some recent appointments to support the work we do with behaviour. I am really pleased that we will have Mr Taylor joining our staff to oversee behaviour interventions and support. We have been really clear with students that we have high expectations of their behaviour and this additional capacity means that we will be able to ensure that students can expect to work without interruption and students whose behaviour falls short of our expectation can be quickly supported and challenged.

In addition, we have appointed Ms Drury to the role of attendance officer, pupil premium and looked after children learning mentor. We are strongly committed to the success of all students and this appointment has already led to improved attendance for students where we had concerns and recognising also the excellent attendance of the vast majority of our students. On this note, it is worth reminding parents that we have a consistent approach to holiday requests during term time. These are not authorised.

We continue to develop the way in which we are using WeDuc, our parent communication app. Parents will already have been familiar with information about homework arriving home, but we have also now developed parents evening bookings through the same system. Thus will make it much easier for parents to choose appointments with the teachers they want to see.

In addition, we have started to send assessment information and reports home through the app - this has had a positive effective on our use of resources and also means that parents can see school information more easily.

Our next stage will be to inform parents through the app of all positive achievements and concerns that have arisen through lessons. This will mean quicker access by parents to the sort of information that has shaped their child’s day. We are really pleased to be able to ensure that parents get this information quickly. This will be launched just after half-term. Please use the information to discuss successes with your child and also support us through challenging any behaviour that falls below excellent.

I met with our partner primary heads recently and we spent some time discussing joint sports and creative projects and transition. We will be launching these shortly so please look out for these.

In terms of news updates, I am also really pleased that we will be launching our new website after half-term. It has been one of my priorities to ensure that communication is really clear between home and school and I am pleased that the new website will mean that school information is easily available and news items about our work will be regularly updated.

Finally, we are now into the serious work of revision for both our year eleven and year thirteen students. Ms Williams and I held a revision session for parents before half-term to share strategies for success and students have been allocated their personal intervention plan to ensure that revision in all of their subjects is thorough and effective.

We wish you a restful half-term and look forward to the next few months of working with you.


Best wishes,

David Phillips

15.02.19 Year eleven prom

                                                                                                                   JH/KH                         February 2019

Dear Parent/Carer


Year 11 Prom 2019 - Colwick Hall Nottingham. Friday, 21 June 2019

I have pleasure in announcing that the Prom for ‘Class of 2019’ will take place on Friday, 21 June and will be held at Colwick Hall in Nottingham.  This will be a great event where the Year group can celebrate the end of their exams and for being a part of an amazing year group over the last five years.

The evening includes a drink on arrival (non-alcoholic!), exclusive use of one of the ball rooms, a three course meal and DJ until late.  We will also have awards, Prom King and Queen, as well as a professional photographer to capture them at their best and other treats for the evening.

The cost for the event is £38.50.  Squid is now our preferred method of payment. Payments can be made in full or instalments. However, if you do not have access to the internet via a phone, tablet or computer please contact school to help us arrange alternative methods of payment. 

If your child would like to attend, could you please complete the reply slip with payment by Friday, 26 April 2019. Please return this slip to the main office or student services.

There will also be a trip to Alton Towers the week after, Wednesday, 26 June and a Year Book (capturing many special moments) that can be purchased before the end of the year events; details will follow shortly.

We are looking forward to a fantastic evening and it would be great to see as many of Team 11 attending as possible.

Yours sincerely


Mr J E Hobbs

Head of Year 11


Year 11 Prom 2019 - Colwick Hall Nottingham. Friday, 21 June 2019


I give permission for my child to attend. An online payment of £38.50 has been made via Squid.


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