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Chromebooks for 6th form


Parent and Student Home Use Agreement: Chromebook 

Goal: Expand Digital Learning Opportunities 

The goal of our project is to improve student achievement by personalising learning and increasing students’ ownership of their learning.

All sixth form students will receive a Chromebook for their use at Chilwell School Lakeview Sixth Form and at home. Chilwell School Lakeview Sixth Form will retain ownership of this Chromebook for the duration of the 2 years course. Student’s will be given the opportunity to take ownership of their device at the end of this period for an upfront administration and licence fee of £30. If students do not want to retain ownership of the Chromebook then the device must be returned in a good condition at which time the £30 will be refunded. Chromebooks that have been returned in a poor condition may be chargeable.  

Students will not use the Chromebooks every day and they are NOT to be used in place of textbooks, notebooks, etc. The Chromebooks will be an additional resource to support students in their academic learning.

This document outlines an agreement between Chilwell School, parents and students for the care and instructional use of the Chromebook.

Educational Resources on the Chromebook 

The Chromebook is managed by Chilwell School and houses Google Workspace for Education. Along with a login for the device, Google Workspace provides online tools for writing, calculating, presenting, drawing and many other applications. Your child may use these tools for a variety of purposes in classroom assignments. Google Workspace can also be accessed with other devices or computers with an Internet connection.

Accessing the Internet at Home 

The Chromebook is a web based device. While some documents created at school may be edited offline at home, Internet access is important for full functionality. If wireless internet is not available at home, various locations in the community provide free wireless Internet, including public libraries.

Care and Maintenance 

Students are responsible for the general care of their Chromebook. The Chromebooks are designed for school use and should be treated with care. Here are a few recommended precautions: 

  • Treat your Chromebook as you would any valuable electronic device.

  • When not being used, store the Chromebook in a secure place, out of sight.

  • Do not touch the screen, and be gentle with the keyboard, trackpad, and ports.

  • Do not add stickers or markings to the Chromebook.

  • Do not eat or drink near the Chromebook. 

  • Do not remove the asset sticker or security marking.

  • Avoid extreme heat or cold. 

  • Do not lend your Chromebook to anyone. 

  • Report any damage to your teacher or Chilwell School IT Department immediately. 

Responsible Use 

During the school year Chilwell School will be reviewing appropriate online behaviour and acceptable use of resources. It’s important to maintain a family dialogue about educational, recreational and social use of the Chromebook and other devices your student accesses. 

Chromebooks are connected to a network that is filtered for inappropriate material, but user responsibility is still the best way to avoid pitfalls in the online world. Remember Chromebook use is monitored. Here are a few tips:

  • Use Internet devices in a central location at home, rather than behind closed doors. 

  • Help your child/student to focus on completing tasks and assignments before any recreational activities. 

  • Help your child/student solve technical glitches by recording exactly what went wrong and when.

  • Ensure that your child/student understands that he or she should not give personal information to any person or any website without checking with an adult first. 

  • Talk with your child/student about cyberbullying encouraging him/her to be kind and to communicate clearly online. 

  • Advise your child/student that anything they post, text, or upload may be forwarded, copied, and published to anyone ­­including future education admissions offices and employers. 

Security and damages

  • Only registered users in Chilwell School Lakeview Sixth Form will be able to login to the Chromebook.

  • Chromebooks will be security marked and asset tagged whilst in the ownership of the school. Asset tags will be removed when deprovisioned.

  • Physical damage may be chargeable.

  • Security markings must not be removed. 

  • Immediately report any damage, loss or theft.

  • Chilwell School Lakeview Sixth Form reserves the right to inspect, interrogate or wipe the Chromebook (including granting permission for external agencies to do so).


**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.