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Chilwell sixth form attendance 

Full attendance at all lessons, tutor periods, study periods, non-contact lessons and assembly is expected. We expect that students will make every reasonable effort to arrange appointments outside of school hours.  


These are absences which are usually acceptable and can be foreseen in advance, but which nevertheless still require formal authorisation.  Typical examples include: 

  • a)  One off medical appointments which could not be arranged outside of school hours. 
  • b)  Religious holidays. 
  • c)  Interviews for career progression (e.g. potential employer, university interview, open day). 
  • d)  Extra-curricular activities such as drama, music or sports events for school or county. 
  • f)  Attendance at a funeral.  
  • g)  Driving TEST (note that this does not include driving lessons).  

If the absence is known in advance, students should complete a ‘planned absence’ form. Signatures should be obtained from tutors and then handed in to the sixth form administrator with evidence. The Attendance Officer or Head Teacher signs them off. 


These are emergency absences only, such as illness. Parents/carers must contact us via Class Charts every day when students are ill. Where such absences become extended or frequent, students will be asked to a meeting to explore the underlying issues and a monitoring system may be used to support these students. 


Below are some typical examples of circumstances where the Sixth Form will not give authorisation, as these are events which we would expect students to carry out OUTSIDE the school days or within the school holidays. 

  • a)  Holidays. 
  • b)  Part- time employment during the school day.  
  • c)  Driving lessons. 

Such absences will be recorded as unauthorised. However, in some exceptional circumstances, the Head Teacher might give authorisation. Therefore, each case is treated on its own merits.

The minimum target for attendance is 90% for all students. 

Reporting Absence

If your child is absent from school, please contact us via Class Charts.

**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.