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All the latest news and updates from Chilwell school. Please also see our sixth form news for updates from the sixth form.

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  • 03/04/19

    Y10 FOOTBALL COUNTY CUP RESULT: Chilwell 5, Brunts 1

    Our Y10 team containing several Y9 boys played against a very robust Brunts School on Tuesday in the County Cup.
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  • 02/04/19

    Comic Relief

    Our grand total raised for Comic Relief was £848.73
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  • 01/04/19

    Farewell and welcome - Chair of governors

    On Monday we took the opportunity to say thank you and farewell to our retiring chair of governors, Judith Munro.
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  • 28/03/19

    Primary music workshop

    On Tuesday, we welcomed students from Beeston Rylands for an afternoon music workshop.
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  • 28/03/19

    Dramatic win for our post sixteens!

    Our year twelve / thirteen team secured a fine victory over The Minster School this evening (Tuesday 27th March)
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  • 22/03/19

    Year eight Easter egg collection

    The local charity Forget-me-notts, part of Operation Orphan, have just collected the first batch of eggs donated by Year 8 pupils. They will be presented to children across the area from disadvantaged families at Easter.       
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  • 15/03/19

    Practice testing, distributed practice and interleaving?

    "How can I best help my child revise?" is a question we looked at earlier this term when we presented a revision session for parents with advice on how to support students.
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  • 07/03/19

    Year eight have a fantastic win!

    A resounding win for our year eight football team.
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  • 06/03/19

    Chilwell success in the intermediate maths challenge

    After our strong performance in the senior maths challenge before Christmas, our students in key stage four have also won a number of gold, silver and bronze awards
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  • 05/03/19

    Dance Club springs into action

    Our new Chilwell dance club started this week.
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  • 28/02/19

    Parent SEN conference

    A free conference is available for all parents of children with special educational need.
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  • 27/02/19

    Year seven football success

    Our year seven football team had a resounding 5-2 victory on Tuesday.
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