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All the latest news and updates from Chilwell school. Please also see our sixth form news for updates from the sixth form.

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  • 27/03/20

    Update on A Level and GCSE examinations

    There has been an updated statement from Ofqual regarding A level and GCSE examinations (original statement here)
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  • 23/03/20

    2020 A level and GCSE examinations

    The government has released the following information (see here for original statement)
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  • 22/03/20

    Thank you and best wishes

    In the turbulent times we have faced over the past few days, thank you for the messages of support and appreciation we have received. They have given the staff strength and comfort as we try to do the same for our students and families. We include a selection below:
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  • 17/03/20

    Coronavirus - 17th March 2020

    As the situation develops across the country, so does our provision and response. We have a significant number of our community self-isolating but for those students who are in school, we are continuing to learn and in the case of year eleven and thirteen, towards examinations in the summer.
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  • 16/03/20

    Coronavirus - 16th March 2020

    I am informing all students this week on the developments that are taking place that may affect their education during the period of the coronavirus outbreak.
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  • 12/03/20

    Chilwell School supports GWR attempt

    Earlier this week Arran Linton-Smith visited Chilwell School to talk to us about his Guinness World Record attempt 'most brands advertising on a single sportswear item'.  Arran was successful with his campaign back in 2014 when he participated in 'Ride London 100' wearing 1...
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  • 10/03/20

    Coronavirus - 10th March

    Over the past week, we have been reinforcing our healthy behaviour expectations with students. Whilst many have responded well, there are still a number of students who need to improve their approaches to cleanliness and awareness of others. As parents, please reinforce the importance of continued v...
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  • 06/03/20

    The Swans fly into the County Cup semi-finals

    Chilwell School 4, Rushcliffe School 0
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  • 05/02/20

    Evening for parents - helping your child with GCSE revision

    Parents of year eleven will have an evening of strategies and support to help their children on Wednesday 5th February from 6pm to 7pm.
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  • 04/02/20

    Chilwell school supports the Attenborough appeal

    Chilwell school have been proud to be part of the fund-raising effort currently taking place for Attenborough Nature Reserve.
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  • 04/02/20


    We have received the following advice from the government for parents and guardians
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