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11th February 2022

The musical evening this week was a wonderful opportunity for our students to share their talents with those lucky enough to be there.

We have some really talented performers and it was a pleasure to be in the audience. We will plan to upload some of the highlights from the concert shortly. Please look out for this in our news items.

Staff training - 11th February 2022

All staff have been involved today in both mental health training and autism training. We continue to do our best to ensure that our support is based upon strong research and strategies recommended by experts in the field. Our SEND work has been recognised as being excellent practice by the local authority and we continue to provide guidance and support to other institutions on best practice.

Nuts - Chilwell is a nut aware school

In order to ensure that keep the school environment as a safe as possible for our students, Chilwell school is a nut aware school. In being nut aware we ask students to avoid bringing in nut products. However, we can not guarantee that we are nut free as this would bring with it a false sense of security as we can not monitor all foods that are brought in. We are also aware that there are a number of allergies that affect students in our school and recognise it is better to be aware and be vigilant rather than guarantee that the environment is free from allergens. If you wish to access further information related to allergy awareness please see the following websites:

We thank you for your support with this important safety measure.

Success in the arts and sport

We are really pleased that a number of our students will be involved in national artistic events in both music and drama. We have some students involved in music scholarships and one treading the boards in a national and world theatrical premiere this May!

In addition, as well as this year being a really successful year for team sports, we also have individual stories of success. Well done to Eunice Fung in year seven who successfully finished the Nottinghamshire School Cross Country Championships. Over sixty elite year seven girls runners were fighting their personal best results in the windy weather. Eunice represented the Broxtowe Area and finished the race by using 9 minutes 22 sec. Well done!

Half-term support

We hope that everyone has a restful break and that our year eleven and thirteen students ensure they balance their revision with fresh air and relaxation.

If you have an urgent safeguarding concern please contact the out of hours MASH team on 0300 4564546

Return to school

We start after half-term on Monday 21st February. For year eleven and thirteen students this will also be mock examination week and wish them the best with their revision.

**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.