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1st November 2020

There has been a lot to take in over the past week and especially the last twenty four hours and first I wanted to express our support and sympathy for members of our community who will face further hardship over the next month as we all work together to ensure that we manage our response to the pandemic.

We know how important it is that students have access to high quality education and learning and we are ready to continue with our provision when students return to school tomorrow. We were very fortunate to have had had only a low level of disruption in the first half-term, which gave us the opportunity to embed systems and procedures to keep students and staff safe. I thank everyone involved in making sure that Chilwell school was a place where looking out for each other was a high priority.

I need to be realistic in what we may expect this half-term and whilst we hope for a continuation of disruption free learning, we also need to have systems in place for where the school needs to respond quickly and effectively to minimise risk to each other.

I am really pleased with the support we have received from the community and we are already putting in place plans to repay that with our food parcel campaign this half-term. In addition, we will be able to issue FSM vouchers for the half-term break at the start of this week. Our thanks to Nottinghamshire County Council for this. We are unfortunately still awaiting being refunded from the government for the free school meal vouchers we issued through the spring and summer terms. However, we continue to ensure that we do the best for our students and community but this is a direct appeal to our parents to assist us as we go into a very uncertain half-term.

Please ensure that every day you support your child so that they can continue to make the most of every lesson, of every day and of every piece of work. The usual routines of “another day at school” are really under threat now and so it is vital that students make the best of every opportunity. At the same time this needs to be balanced with love and support so that students are not feeling under more and more pressure. We want stability for them and as much support as we can give them - we know that “it takes a village to raise a child”

We want you to ensure that students arrive ready for school, with a mask and their equipment and a continued positive attitude. They also need to be dressed in warm clothing with a coat, as it may be necessary for them to keep coats on in classrooms as we keep rooms ventilated but the weather gets colder. Our students have really done us proud and we are looking forward to seeing them again. Our curriculum and learning remains available for all students both in school and online on Google Classroom to support their learning in and out of school and if your child is off school, you and they can be confident that the work is there to be undertaken.

Finally, I would ask you to ensure that your children are reminded on a daily basis of the need to protect others. We are seeing in schools across the country whole year groups having to self-isolate, teachers and support staff not being able to be in school, and all as a result of the very necessary precautions we have to take when there is a confirmed case.
The best way to help us is to always check that with your child that they are well and healthy before leaving for school in the morning; that if you are concerned you keep them at home and have a test and please do not take the approach of crossing your fingers that they will be okay and send them off to school. The impact of this decision can be extensive, with a hundred or more families then needing to manage a situation of self-isolation and the inability to be in school.

As we look forward to starting tomorrow, please ensure you stay in communication with us, to receive updates from school and to prepare for any eventuality.

We have been so grateful for the support we have received. We have a strong village around us to raise our children. We wish you all well.

**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.