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3rd July 2020

Our hopes to be able to move back towards normal school life were confirmed by the government announcement this week.

Whilst we had a number of scenarios in place, there were some details that we need to address over the coming weeks, but it will mean that our staff, students and parents can plan for a return to class teaching, face to face in a school environment.

In everything that we have done so far, we have wanted to be clear in terms of the arrangements so that parents and students can be confident in what we have in place. This will be even more the case as we plan for September.

We will be different, but still so much the same. Our community is still the same, it will just be the way that we do things that will be different.

We have already made plans for having year group areas in different areas of the school, where the vast majority of the year group teaching will take place. We are doing everything to ensure that our Chilwell curriculum does not change, so that our students can return to the habits of learning as soon as they feel able. We are also planning to make a range of learning spaces available so that practical subject teaching continues.

We are looking at how we organise the school day so that students can have breaks and lunches as they would normally, but with the new arrangements of keeping year groups separate.

We are committed to providing an environment that works to help our students learn. This will mean our staff continuing to plan and deliver well organised schemes of learning, supported with on line access and strong support.

There will also be arrangements which some will see as inconvenient, whether they are routes around school, waiting for other classes or timings of lunch. These arrangements will affect us all and we are sure that the resilience students have shown so far will mean that we will face these inconveniences in a positive way. Where students need additional support, we will be able to help, but we will also continue to have no sympathy with any who want to put the well-being and welfare of our community at risk. We have all been through plenty of difficulties so far. There is no room for those who want to heap more on others.

We continue to support students in their home learning. This week, we packaged up sports equipment for distribution for a number of students to allow them to continue fitness work at home. Mr Littlewood and others had a mountain of equipment to shift!

In addition, Mr Lodge and the PE staff have been putting together arrangements for our virtual sports day. Information on this has been issued via google classroom and please remember to read all the guidance, to undertake the activities in a safe way and to upload your results by 13th July.

We will be informing you of arrangements for the issuing of examination results shortly. Results days will remain as published - Thursday 13th August for A level results and Thursday 20th August for GCSE results. We are planning to issue these results to students online and also for them to be able to pick them up in person at staggered times and locations at school. Details of how to collect these results will be sent by Ms Williams.

There has, not unexpectedly, been ongoing rumours and concerns about the A level and GCSE results of students across the country. I have confidence in our staff and our systems that we have assessed students with integrity and accuracy. The examination boards will undertake a process of checking results and adjust results from schools where necessary. We are confident that we have submitted results that match the students' anticipated performance. I am afraid now is a time to remain patient.

There is a lot more for us to consider as a school in the run up to September. We are looking forward to the opportunity to be a living, laughing school again.


Keep safe.


**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.