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4th May 2020

It is now one week since we launched our phase two of the curriculum, with a personalised curriculum and classes for each student. I am very pleased with how it has gone and having asked for feedback last week, received some helpful responses which we have incorporated.

We are currently awaiting an announcement on how and when schools may return. Whatever the plans, we all need to be prepared for schools to not be the same places they were. We will be developing new habits of schooling and I have today met again with our primary heads to discuss what our classrooms and working days will be like. Tomorrow I will meet with faculty leaders and on Wednesday with year leaders.

At present we are exploring a range of scenarios, but whatever they prove to be, I thank you in advance for working with us to create a safe, productive and caring environment in which to learn.

We will always try to ensure that we can take control of the situation. Indeed, this was the message that I gave in the final assemblies with all year groups before we finished on 20th March. I am determined that Chilwell school will be a place where students, staff and parents can be confident that they are well looked after, cared for and able to rekindle a passion for learning.

In terms of taking control, we have decided to abandon the Edenreduk system. It has been a challenging experience to try to ensure that families receive their free school meal vouchers and so we have decided to return to the Wonde system which was working well before we changed. I would like to apologise for any distress that families have had during this time - we have done our best to ensure that families have been protected from the failures of the Edenred system. We will continue to do our best to ensure regular vouchers are issued.

Where families are in need of additional support in cases of economic hardship, there is also the High Street Community Hub on Facebook which can be contacted for any families who are in need of food parcels.

I will contact parents when we are clear what the plan is for a return to school. There are significant issues which we need to overcome, but I am confident in the superb team of staff we have to be able to come up with a strong solution.

**PLEASE NOTE** Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes.