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  • 24/07/20

    24th July 2020

    Our term is now at an end and we have met as a staff for the last time this academic year.
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  • 17/07/20

    17th July 2020

    Events continue to move quickly and we are very keen to ensure that parents and students have as much information as possible before we reach the end of term so that the summer break can start with confidence for all about next year.
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  • 10/07/20

    10th July 2020

    Thank you for your patience whilst we have been putting together our arrangements for September.
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  • 03/07/20

    3rd July 2020

    Our hopes to be able to move back towards normal school life were confirmed by the government announcement this week. Whilst we had a number of scenarios in place, there were some details that we need to address over the coming weeks, but it will mean that our staff, students and p...
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  • 26/06/20

    26th June 2020

    It was good to welcome back one of our more long standing members of the school this week!
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  • 19/06/20

    19th June 2020

    "It takes a village to raise a child" Thank you to everyone, in whatever role they have taken, in supporting the wider opening of the school this week and moving forward with plans for next year.
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  • 12/06/20

    12th June 2020

    On Wednesday of this week, the governing body approved the wider re-opening of the school from Tuesday 16th June for year ten and twelve students.
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  • 05/06/20

    5th June 2020

    I have been very grateful for the range of art and design work that has been forwarded on to me to build on last week's display.
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  • 29/05/20

    29th May 2020

    The wonderful weather this week has meant that we have had a mixed week of indoor and outdoor activities at school with the children of our key workers. We have also been moving on with arrangements for the re-introduction of face to face teaching for year ten and twelve students and we hope to be a...
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  • 22/05/20

    22nd May 2020

    In a parallel school year, I would have been seeing students through today and wishing them well over the half-term break until I saw them again. Our older students would have been well into their examinations and would be welcoming the week away from school before the assessment process started aga...
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  • 15/05/20

    15th May 2020

    School has been a busier place this week, not only with the ongoing child care arrangements that we are undertaking and the site maintenance and development work undertaken by our premises team, but also the on site discussions with colleagues about the process of re-opening the school to learning...
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  • 08/05/20

    8th May 2020

    I hope you have all had a good day on this 75th anniversary of VE day. We have been open today for childcare and have been thinking about how the spirit of courage and community focus that was so evident in that time of crisis might help us shape our response to today's.
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