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Welcome to Chilwell School

Share, Care, Believe, Achieve

Wider Opportunities

Chilwell School Sixth Form offers independent learning within the framework of a supportive structure. We believe in all our students and staff aiming to be the best versions of themselves. This ethos incorporates a focus on excellent A-Level results but more than that, nurturing curiosity, interest and achievement beyond the A-Level curriculum.

We achieve this through our outstanding programme. Apart from a range of academic options such as Step Challenge, Preparation for Medical School, Further maths classes, EPQ - where students independently research and produce a project in a field they are passionate about, our enrichment programme offers students opportunities to take part in - debating; Gold Duke of Edinburgh; volunteering; charity work; careers experience and mentoring pupils within the school. We believe in our students leaving sixth form well prepared for post–18 life. We therefore offer an open study programme where all sixth form students learn to cook for university, learn about life skills such as finance, and are taught the basics of politics so they are ready for their right to vote.

Chilwell Sixth Form students have private study areas, and a bespoke sixth form centre, which is their own space with a popular common room, and a courtyard where they have the freedom to socialise or study.

There is a vote early in September to select a male and female ambassador from Year 12. Other posts include photographer and film maker.

Charities day – These are organised via the Student Union, sixth form voice and tutor groups. Various activities take place during each year. All proceeds go to a nominated charity.

Debating club - Debating matters because students' ideas and opinions matter. Debates are worth having. Topics will involve issues that have an impact on the world. They affect the way in which we understand and relate to those around us. Now is the time to take ideas seriously. We want our students to get involved with a broad range of contemporary real-world scientific, political and cultural debates.

Duke of Edinburgh - For those looking for a new challenge or wishing to continue with ones already started we have a well-established and highly successful DofE awards team. There may be opportunity to continue onto your Gold award or, numbers permitting, perhaps try DofE for the first time. Completing the award at any level is always an achievement, with more and more universities and employers looking upon successful awardees favourably with the knowledge that they are able to offer commitment, responsibility and perseverance. See this article for this year's projects.

Health awareness - Various speakers are invited in to discuss health issues of specific relevance to 16-19 year olds.

Higher education fair - Run each year, this begins the process of applying to university.

Sixth form voice - One or two representatives from each of the tutor groups meet with Mrs Fyles once every half term to discuss issues relating to Chilwell sixth form as we strive to improve facilities and experiences.

Mentoring - This is an opportunity which allows you to receive training in order to provide academic support to pupils lower down the school.

School functions - e.g. The Prom.

School trips – Last year we went to the Christmas Market in Birmingham and The Making of Harry Potter in London.

Student Union – This comprises of a body of elected students who represent students at Chilwell sixth form and who organise activities and social events.

Voluntary work –Students are encouraged to undertake voluntary work in addition to their studies. Please see this news item for opportunities with NCS.

Careers experience – This is an essential part of being a student at Chilwell sixth form. It provides opportunities to discover and experience possible career paths. Please see this article by one of our sixth form students.

Young enterprise – This is an opportunity to develop team skills, risk taking, problem solving through the medium of running a business. See Mrs Fyles for further information.