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*KS4 options 2021

The options booklet for year nine students starting GCSE courses in September 2021 is below.

Further questions were asked at the presentations and these are below:

Is RE one of the guided choice?

No – The guided choice options are all EBacc subjects which are defined as being EBacc subjects by the DfE. RE is not included on the list of EBacc subjects.

If the child is chosen to do double science instead of triple science, does it mean that the child will have more option subject to do?

No – The curriculum time for Science if the same for both science pathways and the final pathways (triple or double) is not confirmed until year 11.

Will there be any opportunity for the pupils to try out a taster class before deciding ?

Probably not - we had planned an Options Taster Day in January to enable pupils to try out different subjects before the start of the selection process, however due to the current circumstances this was postponed. We had hoped to rearrange this but until we have a confirmed date for all pupils returning to school, we can’t plan to reschedule the Options Taster Day.

Out of the ‘either/or’ choice, will the ‘either’ choice be given higher priority?

No – both subjects will be treated equally.

Will the GCSE curriculum start before Sept ?

In many subjects, such as Maths and Science, we have a five year curriculum which progresses from year 7 to year 11, with no distinct start to the GCSE course. In other subjects, such as History or Art, pupils are already developing the skills and understanding that they will use in the GCSE courses. All new courses, such as Sociology or Health and Social Care will start in September.

When will we know the outcome of their choices ?

We will confirm option subjects in the summer term.

Is 3d design wood work?

3D Design does involve some practical elements of Design Technology, which may include working with materials such as wood, metal, plastic etc. 3D Design also involves learning about design processes and manufacturing.

Can you explain guided choice again please.

Yes – The guided choice option is a choice that must be made from the following subjects – Computer Science, History, Geography, French or German.

Can a child do a GCSE exam if is it not in the school curriculum as an another language?

Hopefully – We always try to support pupils in taking GCSE examinations in languages which are not on our curriculum. This is always reliant on us being able to find someone to assess the spoken element of the exam.