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Welcome to Chilwell Sixth Form


Karen Fyles

Congratulations on making a very wise choice for your further education!

Your main aim at Chilwell Sixth Form is to get the best results you can. However, your experience and enjoyment of the Sixth Form should be broader than that of study. To this end the Student Union plays a major role in organising events. It is of course up to you if you want to get involved but we hope you do. If there are activities you want to see contact the union, or myself, and we will see what we can do. If you want to work on the Student Union see your tutor.
I am pleased that you have chosen Chilwell Sixth Form and that you want to play a part in its continued success. It is a sixth form you can make a difference to. If you have ideas or want advice then talk to us.

Head of Sixth Form

The Chilwell Vision : ‘Exciting Minds’

We are committed to providing an aspirational learning community where everyone feels valued and individual needs and ambitions are met.
Our high standards and expectations are driven through a challenging, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment where everyone feels safe and supported and each individual works towards their personal targets.
As the world evolves so will our community as we produce global citizens for the future. We believe in the ideals that learning is for life, life is for learning and each and every one of us can determine the success of our future and that of others.
The Positive Learning Community at Chilwell promotes high achievement by working together to:
  • Be reflective and understand ourselves and others
  • Challenge and motivate ourselves to flourish in learning and in life
  • Be flexible and adaptable in an ever developing global community
  • Be inquisitive and make enquiries in order to extend ourselves
  • Generate pride in the Chilwell community and environment.

Please see notices on WEduc for an updated calendar of Sixth Form Events.

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